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We take hygiene to the next level!

Primodan works continuously to improve hygiene performance, and thus food safety and shelf life. Primodan constantly monitors the market for better and cheaper solutions to sterile packaging solutions.

We strive to deliver the safest and best solutions.






As of today Primodan offers the following technologies to achieve these results.

Pulsed light technology

Pulsed light technology giving decontamination up to log 4.

UV-C sterilization of the cups

UV-C sterilization of the cups, giving some decontamination.

UV-C sterilization of the lidding materials

UV-C sterilization of the lidding materials, due to the foil system Primoreels, where foils are led to the machine from reels, passing a UV-C light for several seconds.

MAP (Modified Atmosphere packaging)

MAP (Modified Atmosphere packaging) technology, where nitrogen is flushed into headspace to displace the oxygen.


HEPA sterile overpressure cabinet.

Vision control system

Vision control system for control of the placement of the sealable foil before being sealed.