The Primodan White Cheese Plant


For filling UF retentate or recombined cheese milk mixed with rennet into cups under ultra clean conditions.

Primodan has delivered more than 60 white cheese plants worldwide to clients like Arla Foods, Lactalis, Almarai, Sütas, Ülker, Pinar and many other companies. Our expertise covers not only the filling lines but also the process and recipes for the production of white cheese, whether based upon an Ultra Filtration (UF) process or recombination of powder milk.


Mode of operation for white cheese fermented by culture addition

The plastic cups are placed in the cup magazines from where they are dispensed onto the filling conveyor, which will move them stepwise under the slip spray station, the filling station, under the antifoam spray and into the pushover station at the inlet of the coagulation conveyor. The coagulation time depends on the type of cheese to be produced but is normally from 20 to 30 minutes. At the end of the coagulation conveyor the cups will be moved row by row to the transfer conveyor leading to the inlet of the Rot-O-Min packing machine. In the packing machine, the cups with the now coagulated cheese will be moved to the following stations:


Membrane dispenser, where a sterilized membrane is placed on top of the coagulated cheese. Dry salting unit, dosing an adjustable quantity of fine salt on the foil. Lid dispenser, dispensing a sterilized plastic-foil on the cup and point welding it in order to keep it in position during the move to the heat sealing station. Heat sealing, for complete sealing of the lid-material. Date coder, for ink coding on top of the lid-material. Cover lid dispenser (optional) for applying a snap-on lid on top of the plastic-foil lid. Lift and transfer station, moving the cups to the discharge conveyor. Discharge conveyor transporting the cups to the packing area.


When producing cheese where the fermentation is not obtained by adding culture to the milk but by Glucono Delta-Lactone (GDL) acidification – the membrane dispenser and dry salt station are excluded from the above description. Optionally a brine dosing station can then be installed instead of the dry salting unit.




Best product features


Hygienic design

The design ensures a hygienic production under ultra clean conditions of white cheese in consumer freindly packages such as plastic cups.


The plant can in its most advanced version automatically change from one cup height to another.

Efficient - High output with minimal use of manpower

The plants design allows production of 2.5 tons of cheese / hour with only a few operators



Specifications and options


Capacity: Up to 6,000 cups/hour
Maximum cup dimension: 160 x 120 mm
Pneumatic requirement: Minimum 6 bar
Electrical consumption: App. 12 kW
Materials: Stainless steel / ionized aluminium

CE certificate / EU Norm


Cup dispenser with UV-C cup treatment
Filling unit
Coagulation tunnel for 20 min.
Membrane dispenser with UV-C treatment
Dry salt dispenser
Sealable foil dispenser with UV-C treatment
Heat sealing
Cover lid dispenser
Cover lid press on unit


Mixing module for rennet, anti-stick and anti-foam preparation
Brine dosing for GDL type white cheese and acidified cheese
Cup buffer – 20 min. Brochure dispenser
Cover lid buffer – 20 min.
Extension of coagulation tunnel up to 30 min.
Cutting of the cheese in the cups into cubes or slices
MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) by inert gas injection into the headspace
Layered filling
Automatic carton/tray packing


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Customer testimonials

Primodan was very good at analyzing what we wanted, and converting these needs into a tailor made filling-line

Peter Madsen
Operation Manager at Naturmælk

The business processes with Primodan has been very satisfactory. When dealing with Primodan you are always treated with special attention.

John Leahy
Business Development Director at Irish Dairy Board

For more than 20 years we have had Primodan as supplier of filling machines — they are very professional, and listen to our needs and transfer them into good technical solutions.

Zameer Haneef
Site Manager Fonterra - Saudi New Zealand Milk Products CO