Primodan`s acquisition of the cheese equipment, formerly known as APV Cheese equipment, enables us to offer a wide range of equipment and solutions. The specific equipment included in the sale includes the CurdMaster, used to produce cheese curd from cheese milk; the OPD PrePress System, for batch draining, pre-pressing and cutting of cheese curd; and the SaniPress system, for final pressing and handling of hard and semi-hard cheeses. These machines have been proven to offer excellence in performance and efficiency across a range of cheese types.


The Primodan CurdMaster is designed for cheesecurd production.



The Primodan OPD PrePress System is designed for batch draining, pre-pressing and cutting of cheese curd.

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Primodan offers the well-known GADAN brining trays – which have been part of our cheese equipment portfolio since we acquired the cheese division of APV/SPX in 2019.

Cheese technology
The key to choose the right equipment is the cheese type, this table may be of help. (Please note that only the main cheese catagories are listed). As a leading global supplier of complete cheese plants to the dairy industry, Primodan offers a comprehensive selection of flexible and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of cheese types and sizes with wide-ranging moisture content and fat in dry matter.

Cheese Master plant

The CheeseMaster line is an automated,  modulised processing line for manufacturing all variations of EPC cheeses (European Pressed Cheese) – hard and semi-hard, round and rectangular, round eyed and with irregular eyes – in sizes from 1 kg to 50 kg´s(2.2 to 110 lbs/h) or more. The CheeseMaster line has a proven track record for its outstanding performance and yield.

Cheese technology and support

Primodans cheese process technology is the result of many years of experience and close co-operation with cheese manufacturers throughout the world.
Our experience and wide range of technologies means that we can configure and modulise a world-class solution for a particular cheese production line, and provide all necessary support and service.

A dedicated team of specialists

World-class innovation, engineering, sales and service competence

Powerful and versatile technology platform

Pioneers in innovative dairy applications and engineering solutions

Experienced Dairy technologists for cheese production


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