The Primodan PrePress


Greater volume and higher yield of premium cheese

Premium quality cheeses depend on an even curd distribution, effective draining and prepressing, and precise cutting according to a defined weight distribution. Even curd distribution and predictable weight, higher capacity with short changeovers, and exact traceability all add up to higher revenues from a higher yield of premium quality cheeses.

The OPD PrePress System

– for less waste, greater efficiency and more premium quality cheese

 The OPD PrePress System is designed for batch draining, pre-pressing and cutting of cheese curd for production of semi-soft, semi-hard and hard cheeses. Providing greater predictability and more precise traceability than a continuous process can give you, the OPD PrePress- System can be used for both round-eyed (Gouda type) cheeses and cheese with irregular eyes (Tilsit types). The OPD PrePress is highly flexible in terms of cheese types, sizes and shapes.


– for less waste, greater efficiency and more premium quality cheese

With its movable curd distributor, automated laser scanner and automated cutting knives, the OPD PrePress System gives you top quality semi-soft, semi-hard and hard cheeses in precise weights and sizes. The batch process offers capacities from 6,000 to 25,000 litres and long operation times up to 20 hours between CIP with ultra-short changeover times.


Best product features


The OPD is able to produce a large variety of different cheeses, sizes and shapes - probably the most flexible system known in the market.

Batch control

The OPD allows full batch traceability.

High product quality

The products produced by the OPD prepress system are of a premium quality.

Proven track record

The OPD system is a well proven technology and it is backed up by Primodan’s highly skilled cheese technologists and engineers.



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Customer testimonials

Primodan was very good at analyzing what we wanted, and converting these needs into a tailor made filling-line

Peter Madsen
Operation Manager at Naturmælk

The business processes with Primodan has been very satisfactory. When dealing with Primodan you are always treated with special attention.

John Leahy
Business Development Director at Irish Dairy Board

For more than 20 years we have had Primodan as supplier of filling machines — they are very professional, and listen to our needs and transfer them into good technical solutions.

Zameer Haneef
Site Manager Fonterra - Saudi New Zealand Milk Products CO