The Primodan MODULINE

lINEAR filler

The MODULINE is designed with an open frame design allowing easy service access and cleaning. It is suitable for filling of liquid and semiliquid products. All parts in contact with the products as well as support frame are made from stainless materials. The frame is designed in modules for the client to have the possibility for future implementation of additional features.

Depending upon the capacity desired and the size and shape of the containers to be filled, the MODULINE machines are available with 6 to 12 rows – reaching capacities up to. 24,000 cups/hour. The MODULINE is as standard equipped with Siemens PLC and servo motors, HEPA filter in the filling section, lamella/cassette flushing, central lubrication and cup/snap-on lid buffers.

The MODULINE is a module based filling machine that will give the client endless possibilities to design and extend the machine depending on the ever changing demands from the market.




The filling machine that keeps on fulfilling the wishes of even the most demanding marketing department



Best product features



There are two main advantages with the linear filling system. Firstly high capacity, and secondly space for a number of options, which more and more customers demand.

Fast changeover time

Today there is increasing demand for running several different kinds of products and formats in the same machine. It is therefore crucial that the changeover time from one product or format to another is minimized. The Primodan filling machines are delivered with recipe controlled height changes and the machine can be equipped with both sizes of cassettes that gives the possibility for running two different formats in one machine. For 3 or more formats we recommend the rotary machines – Like our Rot-O-Min.



It is easy to fit in all the features you may wish for in the Moduline. You can have several filling systems for multiple layer filling, check weighing, Vision control, UV-C treatment, etc. we just add necessary modules to the machine. Either from the beginning or later on.

Up to 24,000 units/hour

The MODULINE can be designed for a variety of capacities, 6–8-10-12 rows, giving capacities up to 24,000 units/hour.



Specifications and options


Capacity: up to 24,000 units/hour
Cup dimensions: ø75 mm and ø95 mm (for other formats we are also ready to assist you)
Pneumatic requirement: minimum 6 bar
Electrical consumption: 1.5 – 8.0 kW
Materials: stainless steel / ionized aluminium

Siemens PLC and Servos
HEPA filter
Central lubrication
Flushing of lamellas/Cassettes
CE certificate
EU norm
Pack ML automation standard


Module I: Infeed Module
Optional equipment for this module
• Ion treatment followed by dust removal by suction

Module II: Main Dosing/ Pre-filler/ Post Filler Module
Optional equipment for this module
• UV-C -Treatment of the cups
• Feedback control from Checkweigher

Module III: Dosing Module with just in time inline mixer
Optional equipment
• UV-C -Treatment of the cups
• Working with more than one fruit tank/drum – for even faster changeovers
• Feedback control from Checkweigher

Module IV: Sealing Module
Optional equipment
• Primoreels including UV-C treatment of the lids prior to dispensing
• UV-C of die cut lids
• Seal check
• Ink jet sledge for datemarking

Module V: Capping Module

Module VI: UP/OUT Module
Optional equipment
• Manual QA table

Module VII: Moduflex
This module is a standard module which can be inserted anywhere on the line and equipped tailor-made solutions – engineered for the individual clients.
Examples could be:
• Dryfood dosing unit
• Pulsed light sterilization of cups
• Roll stock foil unwinding and sealing system


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Customer testimonials

Primodan was very good at analyzing what we wanted, and converting these needs into a tailor made filling-line

Peter Madsen
Operation Manager at Naturmælk

The business processes with Primodan has been very satisfactory. When dealing with Primodan you are always treated with special attention.

John Leahy
Business Development Director at Irish Dairy Board

For more than 20 years we have had Primodan as supplier of filling machines — they are very professional, and listen to our needs and transfer them into good technical solutions.

Zameer Haneef
Site Manager Fonterra - Saudi New Zealand Milk Products CO