The new Primodan ROT-O-MIN

Rotary cup filling and sealing machine

The ROT-O-MIN is designed for the filling of liquid, semi-liquid and dry products like set yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, drained yoghurt, cream cheese, processed cheese, nuts, etc.

Depending on the capacity desired and the size and shape of the containers. the ROT-O-MIN machines are available in 1 – 6 row editions. Machines operating with stackable cups are provided with automatic cup dispensers. For bottles, jars and unstackable cups, the ROT-O-MIN can be supplied with a star-wheel and in-feed / out-feed conveyors.
All parts in contact with the products, as well as the support frame are made from stainless materials.


A series of optional equipment can be added to the Primodan filling machines depending on the desired hygienic level and which products the machine should handle. By adding features like Pulsed light sterilization of cups, UV-C treatment of lids, MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) solutions and HEPA filters to the machine – the machine enters the ULTRA CLEAN hygienic level and becomes suitable for filling particularly sensitive products.


It is also possible to add INLINE FRUIT MIXING equipment to the machines for mixing in jam or flavor just before the fillers in the filling machine. By adding this equipment, it becomes possible to make fast changeovers between various flavors/jams with very little product waste. It also eliminates the necessity for mixing tanks prior to the filling machine.

The inline mixing system is naturally fully CIP cleanable and, if a CIP plant is not available, we can offer you this equipment – which is also controlled from the filling machine.


Add-on features

The ROT-O-MIN can be delivered with cassettes for cups or a star-wheel for filling cups and jars.

The features that can be added to this machine include a wide range of options e.g. buffers for the cups and snap on lids for a 20-minute buffer time, UV-C treatment or Pulsed Light sterilization of cups, UV-C treatment of sealable lids, Primoreels foils on reels solution, HEPA sterile air filter cabinet, compensator for filling of hot products, Vision check for correct placement of foils, twist-on lid station and many other features. A small CIP plant is also available for manual or automatic operation (controlled from the ROT-O-MIN touch screen).



Best product features



The ROT-O-MIN is a very flexible machine, where changes between cup heights are activated simply by pushing a button on the control panel.


The ROT-O-MIN is designed to be very hygienic. All surfaces are drainable, the top of the frame is angled and the doors are without frames.



Versatility is a keyword for the ROT-O-MIN. It is able to run many different formats and the design allows a wide selection of features.

High capacity

The ROT-O-MIN is available from 1-6 rows with capacities up to 14,000 cups/hour.




Specifications and options


Capacity: up to 14,000 units/hour
Maximum cup diameter: 220 mm
Pneumatic requirement: Minimum 6 bar
Electrical consumption: 1.5 – 6.0 kW
Materials: Stainless steel / ionized aluminium

CE certificate / EU norm


Cup dispenser
Sealable lid
Heat sealing
Ink jet sledge coder
Snap on lid dispenser
Rotary packing table


Infeed conveyor for bottles
Cup buffer – 20 min.
Filling system – piston, flow or dry food filler
Sealable foil – alu die cut or Primoreels system with UV-C treatment
Snap lid buffer – 20 min.
Laminar flow cabinet
Automatic tray/carton packer
Vacuum cleaning and ion treatment of cups
UV-C treatment of cups
Pulsed Light sterilization of cups
Central lubrication system
Ultra clean model


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Customer testimonials

Primodan was very good at analyzing what we wanted, and converting these needs into a tailor made filling-line

Peter Madsen
Operation Manager at Naturmælk

The business processes with Primodan has been very satisfactory. When dealing with Primodan you are always treated with special attention.

John Leahy
Business Development Director at Irish Dairy Board

For more than 20 years we have had Primodan as supplier of filling machines — they are very professional, and listen to our needs and transfer them into good technical solutions.

Zameer Haneef
Site Manager Fonterra - Saudi New Zealand Milk Products CO